Wet Diamond Microdermabrasion

Wet Diamond

 Our professional Castle Rock exfoliation treatment can do wonders for your skin. It removes the top layers of dead and dull cells, stimulates circulation, and boosts new skin growth, for a glowing complexion. There are many different types of products and techniques that do this, but the one that really has people talking is hydradermabrasion. This is a new, innovative treatment that uses water and oxygen to gently exfoliate the skin, without the risk of microtears or irritation. Unlike traditional microdermabrasion, which uses tiny crystals to cleanse the skin’s surface, our Castle Rock hydradermabrasion service uses a water-based vacuum tip that simultaneously purifies and hydrates the skin. Both are effective treatments, but many people are finding that hydradermabrasion gives equally stunning results without any redness or downtime.

Skin Refined derma spa is proud to offer our Castle Rock hydradermabrasion treatments. Our aestheticians are experienced and highly-trained in using techniques like HydraFacial, which exfoliate, deep clean, and nourish the skin. Using professional-grade equipment and customizable serums, the hydradermabrasion process is fast, gentle, and can be personalized to suit your unique complexion. This is a fantastic choice if you have sensitive skin, but still want a relaxing spa experience that results in a fresh, radiant glow. Hydradermabrasion is gentle and effective for all skin types, suitable for teenage and elderly skin too.


To keep your complexion clear and vibrant, regular facial treatments are a great investment. Facials are wonderful self-care rituals that will keep you feeling and looking your best, in every season. If you’ve been wanting a new, less-invasive way to care for your skin, check out our Castle Rock hydradermabrasion services. Get in touch with us at Skin Refined today to learn more, or to book your appointment!

Microdermabrasions help to improve the skin’s texture, reducing the appearance of age spots and fine lines. This treatment can help your skin look renewed and fresh, even before the HydraFacial. The natural diamond used in a diamond tip microdermabrasion removes dead skin cells and cleans your pores, refreshing the skin and reducing signs of aging and sun-damage.

Britenol, Dermabuilder, or ReGen GF Boosters are also available.