Personalized Facials

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Do you have sensitive skin? Dry skin? Aging skin? Maybe you’re prone to acne or blackheads? The truth is, no matter what the conventional, over-the-counter beauty products want you to believe, everyone’s complexion is different and requires a different kind of care.

Here at Skin Refined dermatology spa in Castle Rock, we understand the huge variety of skin types and conditions, and can tailor your facial treatment to exactly what you need in the moment. Just because one product or technique works for your friend, it doesn’t mean it’ll suit your skin, so come in and let us create a custom facial just for you!

One of the most common facials at our Castle Rock day spa are teen facials. If your teen struggles with acne or major breakouts, give Skin Refined a call today to see how we can help. We showcase a lot of teen facial before and after photos on our Instagram page as well.

At our spa, your aesthetician will take the time to understand your skin type, and talk with you about your skin complaints, before suggesting the best products and treatments for you.

Each customized facial goes through a skin analysis to help give you the most glowing, hydrated, and healthy skin. Not only can we tailor your facial to your skin type, but we can change it throughout the seasons, to help your skin maintain its natural balance all year round.

If you’ve been searching for the best personalized facials in Castle Rock, you’ve come to the right place. Facials and other dermatherapies are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Using our lineup of professional-grade methods, we can give you a luxurious spa experience that results in smooth, glowing, and healthy skin. We also offer the Hydrafacial in Castle Rock and Keravive Scalp Treatments.

Facial Treatment

Luxurious products are used, such as BIO Caviar Crème and Mineral Retinol Solution with gold and silver, this treatment is truly indulgent. The Hydrating Facial promotes ultra-hydration and optimal skin renewal.

Brightening & Tightening
Facial Treatment

Featuring Lira’s secret ingredient from the Mediterranean, Mastiha. This ancient ingredient promotes natural skin brightening and tightening. This treatment lifts and illuminates skin with the sumptuous products from the MYSTIQ line containing orange plant stem cell, silver, gold, vitamin C and more.

Facial Treatment

This facial is catered towards oily and acne prone skin to manage and control lesion breakouts. Powerful anti-inflammatory, brightening, and redness reducing ingredients are utilized to clarify the skin’s complexion.

Facial Treatment

You will feel refreshed with a gentle exfoliation and restorative hydration that invigorates the skin. This Pumpkin Plus Definer is infused with plant stem cell, retinol, pomegranate extract, and peptide technology. This treatment renews skin’s youthful glow with replenishing essential minerals, pumpkin enzymes and vitamin C.

boost your confidence

Regular facial treatments can encourage natural skin cell turnover, reduce the effects of sun and age-related damage, and can boost your confidence. But you’ll only get the biggest bang for your buck when you invest in facials that are tailor-made for your complexion at our Castle Rock location!

Skin Refined is proud to be Castle Rock’s premier destination for personalized facials, and we look forward to helping you take care of the skin you’re in. Reach out to schedule your facial today.

Facial Treatment

Clean, hydrate, and address common concerns such as acne breakouts.

Facial Treatment

A back facial is similar to one that is done on your face. This treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, and extractions wherever needed. This is ideal for everyone; moreover, people who get back acne or pore congestion from extra perspiration. 

Back facials help to: Remove skin impurities, such as grime, dirt, and dead skin cells. Invigorate and rejuvenate the skin, smooth, and soften skin. Prevent and/or eliminate common imperfections, such as acne and clogged pores.