Eyebrow & eyelash tinting

Enhance your beauty

your beauty

If you’ve been longing for the look of lush, full eyebrows and eyelashes, and are tired of applying so much makeup every day to achieve it, it’s time to consider our professional Castle Rock eyebrow and eyelash tinting. Whether your hair growth is naturally sparse, you have very light-colored hair, or any other reason, this simple spa technique may be just the thing for you. Having thick, healthy-looking lashes and brows can take years off your face, and you can wake up with a boost of confidence! Our staff here at Skin Refined day spa is happy to offer eyebrow and eyelash tinting services, giving you natural, long-lasting results.

Cosmetic tinting is a safe, time-tested process that uses all-natural dyes to amplify the look and fullness of brows and lashes. We only use the finest products and the safest methods, to protect your delicate eye area. Your aesthetician will help you select the ideal dye color for you, that will enhance your natural beauty, and you’ll be able to lie back and relax while it sets. Our Castle Rock eyebrow and eyelash tinting treatment is quick and inexpensive, making it the perfect add-on for other skincare and spa services! After just a few minutes, you’ll have thicker, fuller-looking brows and eyelashes, and be ready to take on your day.

eyebrow & eyelash tints

Our Castle Rock eyebrow and eyelash tinting uses semi-permanent, naturally-derived dyes that typically last 4-6 weeks. And while tinting can be dangerous if done at home, it’s perfectly safe when entrusted to a licensed aesthetician or other dermatology professional. Skin Refined is here to give you the brows and lashes of your dreams, without the mess or hassle. Ask us about our tinting services, or combine them with another of our Castle Rock spa treatments today!